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Registration of companies all over the world
(offshore zones and other jurisdictions)

Registration of companies all over the world (offshore zones and other jurisdictions). We provide services relating to the registration of companies in countries, which offer preferential tax rates and a simplified system of record-keeping and accounting.

Offshore companies — as a rule of thumb, are companies not carrying business activities in the countries of registration and exempt from taxes and the need to hand over financial statements. Only an annual state duty is levied in these countries, as well as a fee for the registered agents’ services – namely, a legal address, nominal directors or secretarial services. The register of directors and shareholders is not usually conducted in these countries and the true owner maintains complete confidentiality.

There exist a number of other jurisdictions, in which profit tax is 15% and less. For example, Latvia – 15%, Cyprus – 10%, Estonia – 0% (other taxes also exist here). Companies registered in these jurisdictions fall under the category of low-tax companies. The use of these companies is directly determined when considering the task at hand. The registers of directors and shareholders of these countries remain exposed, it is necessary to pay taxes and hand over accounting statements. The prestige of such companies is much higher than that of offshore ones and such companies are suitable for both the conducting of solid business and for simple storage of money.

Off-the-shelf companies sale

Is an ideal solution if you urgently require a company but do not have the sufficient time to register it. Ready-made offshore companies – are organizations which are registered according to all the laws of the country of registration and are ready for immediate sale. There are off-the-shelf companies in all major offshore jurisdictions.

Nominal service provision

We offer the provision of a nominal service, which consists in the provision of ad hoc individuals, or legal entities, for their appointment to certain positions with a limited set of responsibilities and partial access to information about the business, strictly within the interests of the actual business owner. The use of the nominal service is usually aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of the real owner of the company.

The opening of foreign bank accounts

PROF INVEST GROUP specialists contribute to the opening of accounts for foreign companies in international banks. We work with different banks all over the world, which have proved themselves to be highly reliable financial organizations and which provide a wide spectrum of bank services.

Bank audit and support

Accounting support and the provision of audit reports remains one of the major aspects of the business. We are happy to provide services relating to bookkeeping and the preparation of audit reports for our clients´ international companies.
The absence of requirements in bookkeeping and the provision of audit reports by many jurisdictions is a special feature of offshore companies and that which makes them attractive to many. However in some jurisdictions these requirements are mandatory. This relates to such countries as Cyprus, Great Britain, Hong Kong among others.

Tax planning

We provide tax consultations in all jurisdictions; we assist in the developing of tax planning schemes in the running of an international business.

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