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Prof Invest Group is one of the leading business groups in the field of trade finance.

Prof Invest Group is a dynamically developing client-oriented group of companies for which client interests and the providing of financial assistance to enterprises under the most favourable terms are of the top concern. Trade finance operations are actively used for the realization of such a task. Finance instruments such as documentary letters of credit, standby letters of credit and performance bonds have become an integral part of the spectrum of services provided by our group.

The development of current sphere is steadily promoted by the image of the company on the international arena and with ratings assigned by the company Fitch Ratings and by yearly international audit. We have large enough lines of credit through banks in China, India, Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, which can effectively help companies in the financing of any kind of product from these regions. Thanks to our reputation, we also have the ability to use thresholds of several leading banks in both Western and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Russian Federation, the CIS, the USA and others and also of export insurance agencies. The correspondence net of Prof Invest Group, including more than 500 banks in 109 states, allows for the efficient carrying out of operations all over the world.
The company consists of a team of professionals who are ready to assist your company in the search for the most advantageous and the least risky way of financing your business.
Trade finance transactions in comparison with traditional forms of transaction have benefits for both clients and their international partners. The use of services in the given sphere allows for our clients to achieve significant reductions in commercial and financial risk whilst carrying out import and export transactions, the reduction of costs in the financing of international business deals, the increase of competitiveness of production and contributes to the effective control of financial flows. An independent source of finance allows for the borrower to agree upon the best available terms with the lender.

Any kind of consultation regarding the use of foreign trade financing, of both the import and export spheres, can be obtained from the specialists of Prof. Invest Group.

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